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Factory Profile
Bartronics India Limited (BIL) is an ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 27001 certified company. BIL has a state of the art manufacturing facility at Medchal in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh, with a capacity to manufacture 100 Million Smart Cards per year including contact, contact less cards and Combi Cards. BIL cards products range includes Micro chip modules for Telecom, Banking and e-Governance Smart Cards, Contact, Contact less and Combi Smart Cards, RFID cards. It is staffed by a team of experienced and well qualified professionals, who have vast experience in different industry verticals and is led by a highly professional Management Team.

Bartronics Smart Cards unit is India’s First Smart Card Manufacturer established in 1999 and is as 100% EOU, our company can procure all international raw materials & inputs duty free. First Indian Card manufacturing Company to certify as SCOSTA compliant with ISO 7816 standards for 4K/16K/32K/64K and E-passport Applications.

BIL is First Indian Company to produce Smart Cards from Sheets till personalisation and also the first company to have CTP process in South East Asia. Apart from that we can also produce Smart Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards & Plain PVC Cards, Contactless and Combi Cards. BIL plans to produce Master Visa, EMV, Java cards. BIL can implement one stop customised Smart Card based Solutions & Applications


BIL Today
Telecom -

  ¤  OEM Producer

  ¤  Application Development Centre

Banking -

  ¤  Cards OEM

  ¤  Cards Management

  ¤  Outsourcing – Debit / Credit Cards

  ¤  Migration to EMV

ID Cards -

  ¤  System Integration

  ¤  OS Masking

      -  4K, 16K, 32K & 64 K (First and only company in India)

RFID Manufacturing

  ¤  Pre-laminated Inlays

  ¤  Contactless Cards

  ¤  Combi Cards

  ¤  RFID Tags & Label
Other Areas

  ¤  SCOSTA - ID Projects

  ¤  Financial Inclusion

  ¤  Health Care Segment – 40% of market share in India through RSBY



Bil Quality Certifications

  ¤  ISO 9001:2000

  ¤  ISO 27001:2005

  ¤  Arsenal – Mifare

  ¤  Arsenal – Desfire

  ¤  SCOSTA – 4K, 16K, 32K, 64K

  ¤  International Committee for animal Recording (ICAR) Certificate – RFID Tags

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate ISO 27001: 2005 Certificate

Process Flow

Production Process Flow
Boundary: Receipt of sales order/Customer PO to the product completion
Process Owners: D.G.M. (Production), Asst. Manager (Production & QC), Production team


  ¤  Number of orders processed per month

  ¤  Consumption of material per order

  ¤  Consumption of fuel and Electricity per month

  ¤  Total Rejections at various PCenters roduction
  ¤  Total wastage of material

  ¤  Slippage's in delivery schedules

Quality Control Process Flow
Boundary: Receipt of product to inspection & testing of product (this includes In-process and Final Inspection of the product)
Process Owners: D.G.M. (Production), Asst. Manager (Production & QC)


  ¤  Number of items rejected at incoming section

  ¤  Stage Wise Rejections

  ¤  Number of times products rejected at final stage

  ¤  Number of times the product has been rejected by the customer after delivery


Plant Capacity

BIL Smart Cards Plant Capacity
Bartronics has the plant capacity of
S.No Equipment Name Equipment make Capacity per hour
1. Pre-Press CTP Kodak 25 plates
2. GSM KBA Metronics 100000 cards
3. Collating Machine Sysco 30000 cards
4. Laminating machine Oasys / Sysco 28000 cards
5. Glue Tape Laminator - 2 Machines (for Contact & Contact Less) Muehlbauer 18000 cards
6. Milling & Embedding - 3 CMI’s & 2 machines Muehlbauer / Data Card 19500 cards
7. GSM Punching - 5 Machines Muehlbauer / Sysco / Oasys / Data card 16000 cards
1. SCP 5700 Muehlbauer 6000 cards
2. SCP 5400 – 2 Machines Muehlbauer 5000 cards
4. MPR 5800 Data card 5000 cards
  TOTAL 16000 cards

  ¤  On an average, we can produce 16000 cards per hour of fully personalized ones. At
      90% efficiency, we can produce 14,400 cards per hour.

  ¤  Bartronics plant works 24 hrs a day, but effectively we will consider 20 hrs working
      and 26 work days (With one holiday in a week). Normally, our plant works all days
      except 10 compulsory holidays i.e. 354 days we work.

  ¤  We can produce 101952000 cards per annum or per month – 8.49 Mill




BIL strengths
  ¤  First Indian company to produce Smart Cards from Sheets till personalisation
  ¤  First company to have CTP process in South East Asia.
  ¤  It is now associated with G&D for 5 years and has the track record of supplying
      material within the standard stipulated by G&D till date.

  ¤  We have also incorporated stringent quality check at various stages of Smart Card
  ¤   We have successfully incorporated the standards followed by G&D across the
  ¤  BIL is poised to become a Master/Visa certified company 2009-10 and also
      equipping itself to be a GSM SAS certified company



Offset Printing
Card Punching
Chip Implanting
GSM Punch
Glue Tape Laminator
Flexion & Torsion